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How to have a high xp server in fourDeltaOne (mw2)

Some of you may be wondering how you can get your own high xp server in fourDeltaOne MW2. Here is a simple guide for the process.

First you will need a good, clean server.cfg . Here is one that I use for my high xp servers.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow
In case you missed it, the key parameter added was…

set scr_dm_score_kill “1000″

That will set FFA scores to 1000 per kill. you can change it to set scr_war_score_kill”1000″ to do it for TDM, and you can figure out the rest. Make sure to use a clean simple config though, as it may crash your server if you don’t. Good luck!

fourdeltaone mw2 rcon hacked?


Apparently there is a way to exploit rcon in cod4/mw2 servers where the hacker is able to retrieve the server.cfg file remotely and then in turn get the rcon password. Then they can do whatever they want. Here is my solution to that problem.

1) Take your server down
2) change your rcon password in the server.cfg
3) rename your server.cfg file to something else (ex. 213456789.cfg)
4) edit your shortcut so it says exec 213456789.cfg instead of server.cfg
5) start up the server. the hacker will need to know the file name of the config, which will be nigh impossible to guess. After doing these steps the hackers stopped attacking my servers.

Reply below if you used this method and are still having problems!

Tutorial | How to install fourDeltaOne dedicated server

For this tutorial you will need:

Steam modernwarfare 2 files
fourDeltaOne client files from here
fourDeltaOne dedicated server updater which can be found here
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Once you have these files, you’re ready for the fun stuff!

Step 1.
Make a new copy of your mw2 steam folder. Name it something useful, such as “FD1 Server”

Step 2.
Run the client installer, making sure to select the folder where the server is (C:/FD1 Server/)

Step 3.
Place the files from into the root folder of your server install (C:/FD1 Server/)
Run the iw4m_updater.exe and let it download the files.

Step 4.
Navigate to your C:/users/(your name) /appdata/local/iw4m/ and copy all of the files into your server folder (C:/FD1 Server/)

what your server folder should now look like


Step 5.
Make a shortcut to iw4m.exe on your desktop. If you don’t have one, rename the iw4m.dat to exe. Add the following parameters ( -dedicated +set party_maxplayers 18+set net_port 28961 +exec server.cfg +map oilrig +map_rotate) to the shortcut if you want an 18 player server running on port 28961 using the server.cfg that you have configured, loading OilRig as the map.

Step 6.
At this point your server should be functional. But we still need a few more things, such as a server.cfg. Here is an example of a server.cfg. remember to change the things you want different. Place this in C:/FD1/Main/

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Step 7.
If you’re hosting this at your house, you will need to portforward. Just google it, this isn’t a tutorial on that. Basically, you will have to port forward the port that the game is running on (in this case 28961)

Step 8.
Run the shortcut. You should see it load your config file, and begin working. Go to the game, and browse for your server. If its on your network, you should be able to see it, and connect.

This is what it should look like if it loaded your cfg and everything is working


If your server is running sluggish, try adding the -console parameter in the shortcut. It will change it back to the old console.

Leave any questions below. Thanks!